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Hungars Episcopal Church

Hungars Cure Parish


9:30 AM  Hungars Church in person and on Facebook Live (link below) 

11:15 AM Christ Church in person


Sunday Morning Live Stream

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Cure Vestry

In order left to right:


Susan Stinson - Hungars Church

Dixon Leatherbury - Christ Church

Rev. Janet Wheelock

Jim Long - Hungars Church

Natashya Freund - Parish Treasurer

Chris Smith - Christ Church

Nancy Bisker -Hungars Church

Cindy Walker - Hungars Church



Communion is now available. 

Please take the following information carefully take into account:

·No one with any COVID-like symptoms should attend worship, including: cough, muscle pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, rash, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, red eye, weakness, bruising or bleeding, new joint pain that is not going away, severe headache, or lack of sense of smell or sense of taste. If you have these symptoms, seek medical attention.

Hungars Church Concerts

To view upcoming events please click on the Facebook link.

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Christ Church

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Hungars Church

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