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Hungars Episcopal Church

Hungars Cure Parish


9:30 AM  Hungars Church in person and on Facebook Live (link below) 

11:15 AM  Christ Church in person

Combined Services are at 10:00 AM with both in person and Facebook Live.

These occur:  The fifth Sundays (August 29th and October 31st).

Communion is now available in both elements of wine and bread. Praise God!

10:30 AM Cure Bible Study every Wednesday @ the Christ Church Parish Hall.  Currently this is a study of Lectionary Reading for the following Sunday. 

Outreach Opportunities: 


Third Sunday of each month at Christ Church - provide food and clothing to migrant workers and families.

The month of July:

The local SPCA in Onley has been working extra hard through the pandemic, and our July collection will be items that they can always use.  There will be collection baskets in both churches for items if you wish to donate.

Dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue kind).  This is very well tolerated for bathing animals, even babies., Liquid laundry detergent, Bleach, Dryer sheets, Paper towels, Dentastix Dog chews – but NO rawhide products, "Greenies”, "Marrow Bones”  (small round treats like “pigs in blankets”, “Temptations” cat treats", "Beggin’ Strips”, “Pupperoni”, “Canine Carry-outs”, Medium or small “Milkbones” – but NOT the “gravy-basted” type“Purina One” Dog Food, Walmart’s “Pure Balance” small nuggets dog food.  These 2 brands are the best for shelter dogs, and cause no G.I. upset., “Purina” cat chow or kitten chow dry food, “Fancy Feast” or “Friskies” canned cat food for kittens or cats.  Small cans are best.

Old towels, old blankets, good used small pet beds (old sheets are not needed.) and Pet toys.

Sunday Morning Live Stream

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      Service Bulletins:


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Welcome to worship at Hungars Cure: Hungars Church Bridgetown 9:30 am and Christ Church Eastville 11:15 am.  WORSHIP WILL BE BROADCAST AT 9:30 am on Hungars Church Facebook.  You do not need to have a Facebook account to access this online worship.  The service will also be available after the live worship for any time convenient to you.

Please find in this email all you need to participate in our worship.  Simply select the type of worship guide you prefer:  Guide to be used with the Book of Common Prayer and hymnal, Guide which contains the entire service and hymns or large print guide.  We hope God touches you in worship this week and would love to be in touch with you if you do not already receive our parish emails and newsletter.  God be with you always.

--Rev. Janet 


This week, as always, Bible Study is held with the Priest in Charge Wednesday at 10:30 at the Cure Office located at Christ Church Parish House.  Please join us!


Please take the following information carefully take into account:

·No one with any COVID-like symptoms should attend worship, including: cough, muscle pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, rash, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, red eye, weakness, bruising or bleeding, new joint pain that is not going away, severe headache, or lack of sense of smell or sense of taste. If you have these symptoms, seek medical attention.

Hungars Church Concerts

To view upcoming events please click on the Facebook link.

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