Christ Episcopal Church

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Hungars Episcopal Church

Hungars Cure Parish

9:30 AM  Hungars Church in person and on Facebook Live (link below) 

11:15 AM Christ Church in person.

Blue Christmas Service

Tuesday, Dec. 6th 5:00p.m. Christ Church

Sunday Morning Live Stream
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Holy Communion

We offer communion from 2 chalices: The Common Cup which you may drink from directly and a chalice for intinction (dipping) of the wafer. All are welcome.

Health and Safety at Hungars and Christ Church, masks are optional. 

Hungars Church Concerts

To view upcoming events please click on the Facebook link.

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Christ Church

16304 Courthouse Rd 
Eastville, VA 23347

Hungars Church

10107 Bayside Rd
Machipongo, VA 23405