Dear Visitor,

          We welcome you to the website of Hungars Cure Parish.  Since 1623, when the first Church of England priest came to the Eastern Shore to establish Nusswadox Parish, generations of Shore folk have shared in the ministry of what this parish represents.

          On this site, you'll see that there are two congregations in our parish, each worshiping in their own historic building.  The Hungars Episcopal Church building dates back to 1742.  But for a few necessary changes over the course of nearly three centuries, it remains the same chapel that was built so long ago. We invite you to sit a while, if you like, to watch the birds in the dogwoods, sycamores, and pines, and enjoy the music of the church's tremendous Holtkamp organ.

          Christ Church in Eastville was built in 1828.  Its interior offers a more intimate feeling, perhaps due to its beautiful and historic stained-glass windows.  Because they're fewer in number, the parishioners at Christ Church are like an extended family and enjoy sharing their church and their time with old friends and newcomers alike.  They are known for their hospitality at coffee hour.

          There's something special about each church.  Generations of Church of England and Episcopal saints have been born into, baptized, wedded, prayed for, and buried at these two churches.  And when we celebrate worship, we feel their encouraging presence and ponder the  mystery of a God who is invisible, and yet palpably present in our holy spaces.

          Both churches are surrounded by historic cemeteries with stones that read like a "Who's Who" of Shore families over the centuries.  And both offer benches just right for a quiet moment to take in nature, or to say a prayer.

          The Parish office is located in the Christ Church Parish House behind the church and is staffed Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

          We hope that, on your next visit to the Eastern Shore, you'll visit with us, too.  You'll always be welcome.

     Mary Floyd                                                 Preston Trower IV

     Senior Warden of Hungars Church                Senior Warden of Christ Church

Our Parish office is located in the Parish House behind Christ Church.

Office hours are 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Monday through Thursday  

Telephone office at (757) 678-7837