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Dear Visitor,

We are into our twelfth month of holding virtual church services except for a brief period of in-person services in early fall. The virtual services have an attendance that remains stable and we are receiving a lot of good comments.  The services even draw people that are not members.  The services can be found on Hungars Church facebook page, all services are held now at Christ Church at 10 am until Hungars gets an upgrade to the internet service. Our Treasurer at Christ Church is exploring adding a pay pal account to the web site of Hungars as a convenient way to keep up with pledges and contributions.  


We recently formed a Rectory Building Committee to oversee the upkeep, maintenance, and upgrades to the Rectory located in Eastville, an early 1900s  Federalist style brick home.  We are obtaining bids to upgrade an outdated water heater with a tankless on demand gas water heater and a water filter purifier .  The home touts a matching carriage house used to house horses and a carriage in bygone days.


The transition team has completed the required preliminary work to be sent to the Diocese as we transition into a full time permanent minister over the next year or so. Now we have the pleasure of the services of Reverend Janet Wheelock that moved here from Tuson, that move was a real adventure but all is well.  Reverend Janet brings with her a myriad of talents, specialties and energy that we were lacking after Reverend Dan retired over a year ago.  She currently resides in the cure Rectory with her dog Cuper and a cat.


Christ Church is working with a food bank style service called Dos Santos.  They receive contributions which allows them to give meals to needy Hispanic families every third Sunday in front of church.  Last month they fed 87 families. Hungars and Christ Church provides volunteers to assist them in bagging and  handing out meals.  They also offer free clothing as well. Dos Santos consists if Pungoteage and Trinity Churches.   Donations to this project are welcome.



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