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Cure Small Groups

Bringing parishioners closer through small group discussion, prayer, and fellowship.

Cure Small Groups

These were started in Lent 2023 and continue. The groups include members of both Christ Church and Hungars Church. These were formed to bring church members closer in a small group setting. Discussions and topics range from Bible Study to personal relationships with God, as well as personal life issues and problems.

The group that meets in the home of Jim and Elizabeth Long meets on Tuesday Afternoon from 3:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. weekly. They are currently studying Twelve Ordinary Men by John F. MacArthur. If interested, speak with Jim Long or contact the Cure Office at

Another group meets when times are suitable for group members in the home of
Nancy Gonzalez. If interested, speak with Nancy or contact the Cure Office

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