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Altar Guild

Volunteers who prepare the sanctuary for services and care for the liturgical vessels and wares of each church.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the Altar for the Holy Eucharist, setting out linens and keeping them clean, providing care for the antique silver and brass, providing flowers for the Altar, ordering seasonal supplies, and displaying the correctly colored hangings according to the Episcopal calendar. There are 6 Altar Guild Teams at Hungars Church with 4 or more women on each team. These teams serve 2 months each year. There are 12 teams at Christ Church. The teams gather near the end of the year to socialize and organize for a new year.

If you are interested in joining an Altar Guild team, speak with a coordinator or contact the Cure Office at

Hungars Church Coordinator: Mary Floyd
Christ Church Coordinator: Diane Crockett

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