Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic many of these Ministries are no longer taking place.  We look forward to bringing back all these activities when it is considered safe to do so.
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Acolytes attend or serve the priest in the sanctuary during services.

Christ Church currently has two acolytes.  If neither is present, the work of crucifer, chalice bearer, lay reader, and cross bearer are all combined into one duty.  This person also leads the procession and recession at Sunday services.

At Hungars Church, a young person is scheduled to be acolyte for each Sunday service.

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Altar Guild

Altar Guild is a volunteer group of service whose ministry is to care for the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish.  They also order bread, wine, and other supplies as needed and frequently arrange altar flowers.  Altar Guild members serve the Church under the direction of the Rector.  The Altar Guild is a ministry of "quiet service" behind the scenes but a most critical act of service.  The objective is the same for any weekly or special service:  to make each service as perfect as possible.  We encourage participation in this important ministry and welcome women and men to join our "teams" who take pride in preparing all areas of our church for worship.

Christ Church Altar Guild Head is Jennifer Ash.  Hungars Church Altar Guild Head is Sarah Bingman.

October 2021 Updates:

"The altar is the center of the Christian Church. Around it the people of God gather to celebrate the mysteries of Christ's body and blood. That sacrament, the Eucharist, along with our baptism,  is what binds us to Christ. Whatever we do in the world to live out the Christian life -whether it be prayer, study, work for social justice, ministry to the sick, care of the dying, tending the needs of the poor, and the hungry — all Christian activities arise from the presence of Christ within us and that presence begins at a baptismal font, and gets renewed, and nourished at an altar." National Altar Guild Association (NAGA)

Christ Church Altar Guild:

Meeting- Tuesday, November 9th

at 10:30 am to meet with Rev. Janet to discuss the upcoming seasons of Advent and Christmas.  Please  invite anyone who you think might be interested in joining the Guild.  Our numbers are dwindling, but there is still the same amount work to be done to prepare for worship each week.


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Bible Study

Weekly Bible Study on Wednesdays at 10:30 am.   Rev. Janet leading a study of the up coming Sunday's Lectionary Readings. These can be found at  

Regulars and drop ins are welcome.

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Combined Choir: Activity includes both churches. The group engages in worship service only, generally the 4rd Sunday of the month or at joint 5th Sunday services.  Choir rehearsal is at 5 p.m. Thursdays at Hungars.  Choir is off during the summer.


Our purpose it "to add to the worship experience of the congregation"; for the choir participant there is a music education component.

Choir Rehearsal 5 - 6:30 p.m. Thursdays September through June.

Anyone interested is welcome to come to rehearsal or see Lou Negretti, Choir Director.  No experience is required; Lou is an excellent and patient teacher.


Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour is held at both churches.  This hour is meant for fellowship. 

Hungars Church: Worship at Hungars on Sunday mornings is followed by Coffee Hour in the Parish House, a time for fellowship, fun, and food.  Members sign up to provide various refreshments, simple or elaborate.  Sandra Taylor oversees this ministry and manages the sign-up sheet for those volunteering.

Christ Church:  Beginning after service Sunday morning, coffee hour has refreshments provided by one or more volunteers who serve drinks and snacks as elaborate or simple as they wish.  Cups, plates, napkins, and utensils are provided by the church for serving.  Members sign up and are welcome to share in this important ministry.

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Fall Bazaar

Each Fall Christ Church holds its annual Bazaar, our main fund raiser for the year.  Our Bazaar truly is a congregation-wide event requiring a lot of work and cooperation.  Different items for sale are Crafts, White Elephant, Luncheon, Books, and our Country Store area. 


From the donated items, we choose a special something for our raffle.  We’ve also raffled off hand painted pictures from local artists.  Tickets are sold during the Bazaar for $1 each or 6 tickets for $5.


By far our best selling items are our Country Store, which includes baked goods, jams, jellies, soups, and casseroles.   A member of the congregation sometimes donates clams or oysters for sale.  Our Luncheon is always well-attended, where we usually serve homemade pork barbeque, baked beans, cold slaw, chips, and a drink.  Diners may eat in or take out.  Barbeque is also sold by the pint.

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Holy Smokers

The Holy Smokers is a Hungars Cure Parish fellowship and outreach committee that makes it's own pork barbeque. 

Meetings: Various members homes. 
Events: Annual BBQ sale during Garden Week (the last week in April).


Lay Readers

Lay readers are non-ordained persons licensed by the Bishop to read during services.  They read the Lessons, can conduct Morning Prayer services, lead Prayers of the People, and administer the chalice during Holy Communion.


The Media Task Force

October 2021 Updates


The Task Force has been working on everything from the Website, our Facebook page, email, the Parish Path, and our newest endeavor a pictorial directory! 


We sent out a survey earlier this summer that yielded a huge response.


  • Most people would like to have a directory.

  • Even split on having the Parish Path newsletter mailed or emailed.

  • About half of the respondents do use our website for information.

  • 50% watch our services on Facebook.


Photo Directory:   Have your picture taken for the new directory after church on Sunday, October 17th, during coffee hourat Hungars church or October 31st, during our joint service at Christ Church. No appointment will be needed, just get in line and smile!!


Next Meeting: If you would be interested in joining this small, but mighty group you are welcome, our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 12th at 10:00 in the Christ Church Parish House.

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Music Ministry

Hungars Cure Parish welcomes all to our free concert series held at historic Hungars Church.  The vision of the Music Ministry Committee at Hungars Episcopal church is to encourage, support, and augment the Church's mission with diverse musical opportunities for our congregation and our community.  A free-will offering supports our program and will be received in the Narthex before and after performances.  A meet-the-artists reception in our Parish House will follow each concert.  The committee schedules events and has a brochure printed annually with concert information. 

The "Visit here for dates of concerts" is the Music Ministry Facebook page.  Please feel free to leave concert reviews on Facebook.

October 2021 Updates:

Orchestra of the

Eastern Shore

Hungars Episcopal Church

Sunday, October 31, 4:00 pm

Grieg Peer             Gynt Suite No. 1
Saint-Saëns           Danse Macabre
Schumann             Cello Concerto with

                                         Rebecca Gilmore

Virginia Symphony Orchestra

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The Outreach Committee is a Hungars Cure Parish committee. The committee assists the vestries in Outreach donations and service projects. By researching non-profit organizations on the Eastern Shore, we can recommend donations, collections or service projects. We also provide some outreach to our congregation members.

We have recommended donations to several organizations on the Shore; we have provided food on a regular basis to an Exmore soup kitchen; we have had two annual trash pickups along Bayside Road around Hungars; we have taken collections of food for the Food Bank, nutrition supplements for Eastern Shore Area Agency on Aging; school supplies for the local elementary school teachers midterm and we have collected supplies, filled and shipped Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. We have arranged for speakers from local nonprofits on Fifth Sunday joint services to make our congregations more familiar with their missions and needs.

We will continue to provide information and needs to our Vestry so they can make informed decisions about participating with them. We will continue to provide speakers at Fifth Sunday joint services. We will also plan and implement service projects for some organizations. We get input from congregation members about organizations they would like us to check into.

Meetings: We meet the fourth Monday of each month at 11 am. We meet at Hungars Parish house.

Contact: Contact the Church Office or committee chair, Nancy Gonzalez (757-678-7562 or

Outreach Opportunities: 

Dos Santos:

Third Sunday of each month at Christ Church - provide food and clothing to migrant workers and families.

October 2021 Updates 

This month, the Outreach Committee made the following disbursements on behalf of Hungars Cure Parish:

$ 1,000.00 to the Rev. Harry W. and Mrs. Catherine D. Crandall Scholarship (E.S.C.C.)

$  1,000.00 to Habitat for Humanity

$     500.00 to the Dos Santos Ministry

Part of our mission is to make the best use of the funds entrusted to us by both churches, and we do this after learning as much as we can about the work or the fund or the group that seeks financial support.  If any member of the congregation suggests a community need, we are ready to research it and give it thoughtful consideration.

Time and talent are the other gifts our church has to share.  We are currently discussing ways to offer support to our local schools and especially to the new teachers in our county schools. 

 Sue Thatcher has arranged for the next Red Cross Blood Drive, which will be held at Hungars Parish House on December 9th.


We continue to send teams to the Exmore Soup Kitchen once each month to provide meals for approximately 80 people. 


October is Operation Christmas Child. It is always fun to shop for small suitable items guided by our own memories of childhood fun, and to imagine how children in other countries might enjoy a box of small gifts sent in the name of Jesus.   Be on the lookout for forthcoming information about this project.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Hungars Cure Prayer Shawl Ministry began in 2015.  Since then, eleven women have participated and have completed eighty-four shawls.  Sixty-four of those shawls have been given to friends and family in need of comfort and our prayers.  They go to those facing major surgeries, treatments or illness.  Some have found homes with nursing home residents.  Others have gone to those  who are dealing with loss.  One went to a nursing mother and gave her baby "his own private dining room" when she nursed in public.  Another has gone to college to be a comfort against homesickness.  The shawls are given for many reasons, for any reason people need our prayers. 


The shawls are knitted with love and prayer.  We do not knit in a group because we see the knitting as a very personal experience.  Our knitting is a time for prayer and meditation.  Each knitter choses her own pattern and materials and each shawl created is as unique as the knitter and the person who receives it.  We also knit small "pocket prayer shawls" that can be tucked in a purse or pocket for travelers or those who don't want a full size shawl.   When a shawl is completed, it is blessed by Father Dan and the congregations continue to pray for those who receive the shawls. 

The shawls are free and everyone is welcome to take one for someone in need of comfort and prayer.  Please contact the church office or see Megan Rose-Jensen at Hungars to choose one.  If you are interested in knitting or crocheting a shawl, please contact Megan for more information.


Real Men Sing Loud

“Real Men Sing Real Loud, phase 2” began 3 years ago with a group of 12 men who banded together to resurrect the original “Real Men Sing Real Loud” idea. The concept was men singing praises to God to spread the Gospel message. We requested a room at Hungars for Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 PM for practice. We have had 2 performances at Hungars, a dress rehearsal for our families and our first performance for the public. Since then we have performed in several of the Shore’s churches of different denominations and have travelled to Prince George County, VA and Crisfield, MD.

During our performances we sing a mix of classic and contemporary hymns and praise music. We sing with recorded music and also sing several acapella songs. One of our members gives a testimony about God’s interactions in his life and his faith journey. A free will offering is taken up and the proceeds are to be distributed annually to a worthy cause once the cost of our equipment is recouped.  

Practice at Hungars: Thursday evenings from 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Christ Church St. Cecelia's card party 2017.JPG

St. Cecelia's Guild

Christ Church's St. Cecelia Guild meets once a month on the first Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the parish house.  We are a member of Convocation 1 (Eastern Shore) of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW).  All women of the church are invited to attend our meetings.

Annual events we sponsor include a Spring Plant Sale held the same day as the Eastville town-wide yard sale.  During the Summer we hold a Card Party with lunch and prizes.  In the Fall we're all busy with the Bazaar, also held during Eastville's yard sale.  At different times during the year, we hold Bake Sales.  At Christmas our Bake Sale and Evergreen Arrangement Sale are very popular.  All money we collect is donated to various church needs and local non-profit charities.


Sunday School

Hungars Church Sunday school:  Through storytelling, parables and imagination the children learn about God and how to practice love, joy, peace, patience, kindliness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. In the summertime we learn through a group craft project. The children help serve at the annual spaghetti dinner and help fill the Operation Christmas Child boxes. During the Easter Service they place flowers on the the chicken wire cross changing it into a thing of beauty.  An Easter Egg Hunt takes place after the Easter service.


When: We leave for Sunday School right before the sermon.

Contact: Anyone who loves and enjoys children is welcome to teach or help with an activity. Contact Cindy Walker at 442-2830 or  The attached PDF file contains a Nursery Attendant Schedule.

Christ Church currently has no Sunday School.  If children attend services, we welcome them to sit with their parents and hope they enjoy the service.  We love having children in our church and hope at some future time to have enough interest to conduct a Sunday School.

Thrift Shop April, 2018.JPG

Thrift Shop

The Hungars Parish Thrift Shop was started in 1984 by the Rev. Harry Crandall and a group of parishioners from Christ and Hungars churches as an outreach program.  Our mission was then, as it is now, to provide low cost clothing and household items to our low income neighbors.  We not only provide a source of low cost goods to the community, but are also able to continue the outreach ministry for which we were chartered. We receive no funding, and everything we earn is given back to the community.


Thrift shops are an important ministry allowing those with means to share their unneeded goods conveniently and anonymously.  In doing so, it allows those without adequate means to clothe and furnish their homes while retaining the dignity of purchasing items rather than receiving charity.


Volunteers: The Hungars Cure Parish members staff the Thrift Shop but volunteers from the community are always welcome. Contact Marion Roe for more information.

Our hours are:  Monday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Located at 16393 Courthouse Road, Eastville, Virginia 23347.

September 2021 Updates: 

You might well be wondering if the Thrift Shop will ever re-open! Our stylish canopy sign has been cast aside and the siding of our building has been ripped away, revealing bare cinder block walls. Gaping holes in the upstairs exterior walls have been made…they sort of look like window openings. What is going on?

The upstairs space in our building is being transformed into at least one apartment and there are other plans afoot. While all the demolition has been taking place around us, the Thrift Shop has been undergoing a little change as well. We are now delightfully air conditioned and there’s been a professional cleaning. We’ve been assured that the Thrift Shop will continue to be provided free space for our operations in the future. The pandemic has kept us from re-opening weekly as we used to, and the construction work adds another layer of difficulty.

The Thrift Shop has been opening one Sunday each month so that Dos Santos families can come in and take what they need, without charge. We’ve arranged to be open on 2 days prior to the start of school and teachers – especially new teachers – have been invited to come find bargains. We’ve got beautiful things in store….but way too many of them!  We are looking for opportunities to share what we have.

Our goal remains to make the best items available to the most people at the best price. A seldom noted benefit of this Thrift Shop is that it gives conscientious people a responsible way to share their unwanted items with those who might need them. While we are trying to work our way through so much stored inventory, we ask that you speak with Marion Roe if you have items to donate. Please remember:

·      Space is very limited, and we have trouble storing out-of-season clothing. Please hold such items for the right season when they are sellable.

·      Giant garbage bags of clothing are not easy for us to move for sorting!  Consider the age of the average Thrift Shop volunteer and deliver donations in bags we can lift!

·      We try to be selective about what we offer. Torn, stained, or otherwise damaged clothing goes directly to the “Special Olympics” containers at the convenience centers.

·      NEVER leave donations at the Thrift Shop door when the shop is closed! We are brutal about having such donations taken directly to the convenience centers. Long time volunteers will remember how we were shut down for months by a flea infestation from such “Trojan Horse” donations!

·      Please let Marion Roe know if you’d like to help in this wonderful enterprise.

Usher Christ Church.jpg


Members of the congregation take turns serving as Ushers each Sunday.  The formal tasks of ushers include handing out bulletins, carrying the elements of Communion up to the altar, passing and presenting collection plates, and restoring order in the pews after the service by rearranging books and removing bulletins left behind.  But the real mission of the ushers is to provide everyone who comes through the doors a warm welcome and accommodation.


Hungars Church ushers are scheduled by Ken Sutton.

Joint Vestry Photo.jpeg


A current list of Vestry members is shown.  Vestry members are elected for a three-year term at our separate Annual Meetings held in January.  Offices within the Vestry are elected by the members.

Christ Church: 

Senior Warden - Preston Trower IV

Junior Warden - Dixon Leatherbury​

Alternate Junior Warden-William Russell

Margaret MacKenzie

Susan Enzastiga

Register - Louise Boss

Treasurer - Michael Ash​​

Hungars Church:

Senior Warden -Thor Gormley

Junior Warden -Cindy Walker

Mary Floyd

Patty Kellam

Sue Thatcher​​

Nancy Bisker

Susan Stinson

Jack Wescoat


Sue Ingram, Register


​Treasurer - Croxton Gordon

Cure Vestry:

Senior Warden - Pres Trower IV

Junior Warden -Dixon Leatherbury​

Alternate Junior Warden-William Russell

Mary Floyd

Thor Gormley

Cindy Walker

Nancy Bisker

Treasurer - Natashya Freund